French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes introduced the avatar Alexander Markusson to the realm of generative AI experimentation. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies, Marc Da Cunha Lopes has consistently remained at the forefront of innovative image production methods. Over the past 15 years, he fearlessly explored mediums such as illustration, CGI, and video, both in his personal artistic pursuits and commissioned projects for advertising. His clientele includes prestigious brands such as Peugeot, Fiat, Honda, Nike, Playstation, Hermes, as well as renowned publications like Vogue, Libération, Le Monde, and Esquire.

Marc’s photographic projects, including "Vertebrata," "La Chasse," and "La résonance des contours," have earned significant attention and acclaim, securing exhibition spaces in galleries and art fairs across Europe.

In 2022, Marc initiated an exploration of generative AI, giving rise to Alexander Markusson. Guided by a mindset rooted in the principles of photographic series, he maintained a deliberate alignment with his familiar medium. Within this domain, he delved into diverse imaginary alternative worlds—ranging from a mystical Bayou to a poetic Andalusia echoing the verses of Garcia Lorca, and even a reimagined Marseille inspired by the world of Akira. Throughout these journeys, he remained faithful to his distinctive aesthetic approach, resulting in a seamless fusion of Alexander's style with his own, and vice versa.

By March 2023, Marc embarked on commercial projects ingeniously merging AI and photography, collaborating with various agencies and clients. Notably, the project "À perte de vue" emerged, wherein he collaborated with four visually impaired individuals to create a series of post-photographic works, highlighting the intersection of AI and human creativity.

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