Sienna O'Rourke (Planet Fantastique) is a visual artist, designer & creative director who embraces the rise of artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for creativity. Fascinated by the applications of AI in the world of art & design, Sienna’s work has harnessed the potential of this technology proving it to be a remarkable ally rather than a threat.

Within the realm of AI art, Sienna has carved out an artistic style that beautifully merges the nostalgic aesthetics of retro-futurism with a distinctive feminine perspective. Through her work Sienna constructs captivating worlds that are not only visually stunning but also conceptually expansive, inviting viewers to explore the boundless possibilities of imagination.

Sienna's artistic process combines AI image generation with traditional photo editing techniques and real-world installation. By using AI as a creative tool, Sienna’s work is blurring the boundaries between the digital & physical worlds. 

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