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VisualEyes was founded in 2007 with a great vision: to deliver the best creative services in the field of advertising productions to our clients, internationally. This vision became reality.


Natalija, Founder/CEO


Katrin, Producer


Nathalie, Producer


Laura, Trainee

Natalija founded this agency from her living room in Austria, where she lived whilst managing a spa and health temple for some years. Visualeyes happened almost accidentally, practically overnight, but that's a long story. Come by for a coffee and she'll tell you all about it! If she's not around, she might be practicing or teaching yoga, because that's her second passion.

Katrin is the living example of a duracell battery bunny. Everybody who knows her will confirm that! She has studied and worked in the fields of photography and postproduction until she decided to move down to the south of Europe from Hamburg to Zurich, hoping for better weather. The sun is a tricky thing in Switzerland though, but what she did find is a busy office with nice people and a full desk. And chocolate too, of course. Life couldn't be any sweeter.

Nathalie is a working woman who puts a lot of focus on attention into the details whilst keeping calm in stormy weather (except when people don't read her callsheets, or when there is no milk for her coffee…). Nathalie is the lawyer in the Visualeyes family but she has put that boring job perspective aside for us, because she prefers to work with creative, happy and positive people, just like her. Her hobby was infrared photography before she has joined the team but as time became a precious thing in her life, she now has changed that prop with a whip in the meantime, because as a producer this is what you really need, right?

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Welcome to VisualEyes AI Photography, the cutting-edge extension of our artistic legacy. Since 2007, we've championed collaboration with exceptional artists and delivered unrivaled creative services worldwide. Today, that vision is a reality.

With nearly 30 years of expertise and 16 years of VisualEyes' leadership, we've evolved into a global agency, renowned for representing top photographers, illustrators, and 3D artists in stills and animation. Our artists symbolize excellence on all fronts.

In the face of AI's rapid advancement, we've chosen to embrace the change. To stay at the forefront, we've launched a dedicated AI platform—an independent website that mirrors our excitement for this journey into the unknown.

As AI reshapes creativity, we remain committed to aiding artists and clients throughout production. From concept to realization in both visuals and motion, we offer comprehensive services including budgeting, research, negotiation, casting, logistics, production, and more.

At VisualEyes AI Photography, going the "extra mile" is standard. Join us as we explore AI's transformative possibilities while upholding our commitment to creativity and excellence.

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